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Related post: them as products of constructive metabolism (anabolism) and are thought by many to have the function of protecting plants against the ravages of animals. Some are known to serve as reserve food. All glucosides are characterized by the property of being split up into glucose and other Norvasc Canada substances when acted upon by a ferment, dilute acids or alkalies. 13. Alkaloids. Norvasc 2 Mg Chemically, these are basic carbonaceous amines which like glucosides are products of metabolism. Their method of formation in plants is uncertain. Some hold that they are kata- bolic products, resulting from the breaking down of tissues, while others believe them anabolic in character. They undoubtedly serve as defensive agents in plants containing them on account of their bitter taste and poisonous properties. Properties of Alkaloids Alkaloids are invariably found in combination with acids forming salts which dissolve in water or alcohol. They are composed of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. Some contain oxygen. They are precipitated from saline solutions by the addition of Norvasc Other Names alkalies. They are mostly colorless and crystallizable. They can be precipitated by one or more of the following alkaloidal reagents: tannic acid, gold chloride, phospho-molybdic acid, picric acid and potassio- mercuric iodide. Examples of Alkaloids Strychnine. This alkaloid, with a chemical formula of Norvasc Patent C 2 iH 22 N 2 - O 2 , occurs in the seeds of Strychnos nux vomica, Strychnos Ignatii and other species of Strychnos. When sections of strychnine con- Norvasc Cmi 84 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY taining seeds, previously treated with petroleum ether and absolute alcohol, are mounted in Norvasc Coupons a solution of i Gm. ammonium vanadate in 100 mils of sulphuric acid, they take on a violet-red color which later changes to brown. Veratrine. Norvasc 100 Mg This alkaloid, with a composition of CarE^NOn, is found in various parenchyma cells of Veratrum album. If sections of the rhizome or roots are mounted in 2 drops of water and a drop of concentrated H 2 SO 4 and examined microscopically on a glass slide, the cell contents and walls of the cells which contain this sub- stance first take a yellow color which soon changes to an orange-red and then to a violet. Nicotine. This is a volatile alkaloid having the formula of CioHi 4 N 2 which is found in the Nicotiana genus of the Nightshade family* Sections of tobacco leaves or stems mounted in dilute Lugol's solution will show first a carmine-red color and then a red- dish-brown precipitate which in time loses Norvasc 5mg Generic its color. Caffeine. This alkaloid, with a formula of C 8 Hi N 4 O2 + H 2 O, occurs in Thea, Cojfea, Cola, Sterculea, Ilex and Neea. If thin sec- tions containing it are placed on a glass slide in 2 or 3 drops of con- centrated hydrochloric acid and gently heated and then 2 or 3 drops of gold chloride solution are added, the sections then pushed to the side and the liquid allowed to evaporate, slender yellowish branch- ing needles of Norvasc 7.5 Mg caffeine gold chloride will be seen to separate. Cocaine. This narcotic alkaloid, having the formula Ci7H 2 iNO 4 , is found in the leaves of Erythroxylon Norvasc Pi Coca and E. Truxillense. If sections of these leaves are prepared in the same manner as indicated for those containing Caffeine, but platinum chloride solution substi- tuted for that of gold Norvasc And Hctz chloride, large feathers or plumes of cocaine- chloro-platinate will be seen separating. Aconitine (C 3 3H 43 NOi 2 ) is found in various parts of Aconilum Napellus. It is particularly abundant in the tuberous root of this plant. If sections of aconite root are treated on a glass slide with solution of potassium permanganate, a red precipitate of aconitine permanganate will appear in the cells containing this alkaloid. Colchicine (C 22 H 2 5NO Norvasc Coupon 6 ). This alkaloid occurs in the corm and seeds of Colchicum aulumnale. Norvasc 50 Mg It is very abundant in the cells surrounding the fibro-vascular bundles of the corm. If a section of VEGETABLE CYTOLOGY 85 either corm or seed be treated with a mixture of i part of H 2 SO 4 and 3 parts of H 2 Generic Norvasc Price O, the cells containing colchicine will be colored yellow. If a crystal of KNO 3 then be added the color will change to a brownish- violet. 10. Gluco-alkaloids. These are compounds intermediate in nature between alkaloids and glucosides, having characteristics of each. To this group belongs solanine (C28H 47 NOii) which is found in Solanum nigrum, Solanum Dulcamara, Solanum carolinense Cheap Norvasc Online and other species of the Solanacea. When sections of those plant parts which contain this constituent are mounted in a solution of i part of ammonium vanadate in 1000 parts of a mixture of 49 parts of sulphuric acid with 18 parts of water, the cells containing solanin take on a yellow color which changes successively to orange, various shades of red, blue-violet, grayish-blue and then disappears. 14. Asparagine (C 4 H 8 N 2 + H 2 O). This is an amino compound of crystalline nature which occurs widely in the plant kingdom. It has been found in certain of the slime molds and fungi, in the roots of Alth&a officinalis and Atropa belladonna, in young shoots of Asparagus, in the seeds of Castanea dentata, in the tubers of Solanum tuberosum and varieties of Dahlia, and is known to play an important part Generic Norvasc 10mg in metabolism. Stevens claims that proteids are reduced for the most part to asparagine during seed germination. 1 If thick sec- Norvasc 5mg Price tions are cut from a plant part containing this substance and mounted in alcohol, rhombohedral crystals of asparagin in the form of plates will be deposited upon the evaporation of the alcohol. If to these a few drops of a saturated solution Norvasc Logo of asparagine Buy Norvasc 5mg are added the crystals already formed will increase in size. To get satisfactory results the saturated solution must be of the same temperature as the mount. 15. Calcium Oxalate. This substance, occurs in many plants always in the form of crystals. It is apparently formed by the reac- tion of salts of calcium, which have found their way into the cell sap from the soil, with oxalic acid which is manufactured by the plant. Calcium oxalate crystals dissolve readily in mineral acids without effervescence. Norvasc 7 Mg They are insoluble in acetic acid or water. 1 Stevens' Plant Anatomy, 3d Edit., p. 189.
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